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We are starting our new project, picturing each grave in the Gyor Jewish Cemetery and add an image in our cemetery list to each grave.

This job may take long time, so we need help, the help of all of you.  Anyone who has already a picture of a grave please send us with all the necessary details and we shall publish it at the side of the list.

A symbole candleanim.gif (4649 bytes) represents a photo that we have, and can be asked by email. Click on the candle on the same line to see the photos we currently have.

New photos of the   Orthodox Cemetery  that we put recently, on March 2001,     find here

New photos of the   Cemetery in  Sziget                "                                      "                 find here

If you are planning to visit in Gyor, please picture or film the grave and the nearest ones and send us to publish.     

Thanks for your cooperation .

   The Cemetery in Pictures  Click here

Patahaza Cemetery  Click here

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The cemetery informations was compiled by Stephen and Irene Schmideg from Melbourne, Australia.  This list contains the names of over 3,000 people buried in the Gyor Jewish Cemetery.   The names are listed in alphabetical order of the family name together with the cemetery sector, row and grave number.

In a number of cases husbands and wives are buried in the same grave and in other cases children or other relatives are also interned in the same grave.
In most cases married women are listed under the husband’s name.  This is signalled by the ending“ne” after the first name.  For example, Weisz Jozsefne, indicates the grave of Jozsef Weisz’s wife.  Where the name reads “Jozsef & ne”, it means both husband and wife are buried in the same grave.

The list was compiled from old hand written records and every care was taken to get the names right,but because of various spellings in the records and different formats of the same name being used in the one family, it is worth checking for alternative spellings of a name.  Also for some names, e.g.Herman David, it was difficult to determine which was the first and the family name, therefore check under both names.

The next stage of the project will be to photograph the existing grave stones before they deteriorateand then we will be able to correct this list and where possible add such details as dates,  women’s maiden names, next of kin, etc.  If you would like to participate in this project either financially or by giving your time please contact us.

If you find an immediate relative or ancestor buried in the cemetery the caretakers would welcome acontribution for the restoration and upkeep of the grave.  This is one of the largest cemeteries in  Hungary and the cost of maintaining it is getting beyond the small community.  If you contact us we can advise where and how to make a contribution.

The pictures was taken by Yanai Itzhak and Lonyai Sandor,

edited to the Site by Shamir Shlomo.

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